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When treating both respiratory and non-respiratory disease, even dispersion of inhaled therapeutics throughout the lung is a critical factor driving efficacy and safety.

Comparison 1

Conventional dry powder technologies
rely on the use of lactose blending or
low-density particles to facilitate

Comparison 3

To optimize dispersion of therapeutic particles,
the scientists and engineers at PULMATRiX have
developed a technological innovation, iSPERSE.

iSPERSE makes possible a new generation of pulmonary-delivered
therapies to dramatically improve patient outcomes.

Our mission

PULMATRiX is committed to the development and commercialization of novel and transformational medicines for patients all over the world, using our proprietary iSPERSE technology to optimally deliver both respiratory and non-respiratory therapies via the respiratory system.

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iSPERSE™ is a scalable platform, with application across drug classes and dry-powder delivery devices. This creates broad potential for pipeline development and strategic partnership.

  • PULMATRiX is in an ongoing contractual dispute with Cipla Technologies, LLC regarding the development of Pulmazole™, which may result in delays to our proposed clinical program and lead to arbitration against Cipla in order to regain sole ownership of the program

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  • Partnering with Nocion Therapeutics to explore new technologies to enable and improve inhaled drug delivery
  • Nocion Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel small molecule charged sodium channel blockers
  • Our partnership further validates the potential of iSPERSE™ to broadly benefit the development and reach of inhaled therapeutics
  • Partnering with Sensory Cloud to develop and commercialize a potential nasal prophylactic and anticontagion product for COVID-19
  • Sensory Cloud Inc., is a privately held company that specializes in the delivery of aerosolized products for over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare and wellbeing
  • This partnership leverages the origins of PULMATRiX as a biodefense company and its intellectual property to help combat rapidly emerging global pandemics

To inquire about partnering with PULMATRiX, e-mail us at bd@pulmatrix.com.



Small, dense, and dispersible particles for highly efficient delivery of respiratory and non-respiratory therapies via the respiratory system

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