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Pulmatrix has discovered a novel dry powder platform, called iSPERSE, with the potential to transform the landscape of pulmonary medicine. iSPERSE will yield best-in-class and first-in-class therapeutics to treat and control respiratory disease.

Pulmatrix has engineered iSPERSE particles to combine the benefits of traditional small, dense particles with the dispersibility advantages of porous engineered particles. The novel iSPERSE dry powder technology offers enhanced drug loading and delivery efficiency that outperform currently available and next generation inhaled dry powder approaches. These characteristics make the iSPERSE platform uniquely suited to essentially any molecule or combination of molecules desired to be delivered as an inhaled drug. iSPERSE powders are applicable to a wide array of reservoir, capsule or blister dry powder inhalers (DPI). Pulmatrix has demonstrated that the iSPERSE platform can be applied to a broad range of therapeutic compounds ranging from small molecules to proteins. Advantages of iSPERSE platform therapeutics on clinical treatment efficacy include reduced total inhaled powder mass, enhanced dosing efficiency, reduced cost of goods and improved safety and tolerability profiles.

iCALM represents Pulmatrix’s proprietary therapeutics that are based on the iSPERSE dry powder platform. iCALM uses a host-targeted approach, bolstering the ability of the person at risk to resist inflammation or infection driven by a therapeutic design that is a combination of cationic salts topically delivered to the airway. iCALM delivers efficacy for diseases that involve pulmonary inflammation and respiratory infection and has the potential to reduce acute exacerbations of chronic pulmonary diseases.

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